vo-logoCommunity: Corporate Coworking Professionals

The world of work is changing fast. This change is being fuelled by a growing number of professionals looking for a break from the traditional working paradigms. VillageOffice is dedicated to growing the Swiss network of cowering spaces and opening up that network to corporations and bridging communities.

I joined this project in 2016 as I believe this IS the future of work. I had worked for over 5 years in the corporate world and increasingly felt the need for change, flexibility and ability to work in a creative environment close to home. After joining the company, I quickly took on two important roles as host for our pilot coworking space and as Service Delivery Wizard, ensuring a smooth and positive customer journey for our growing breed of corporate coworkers. In both cases, focus is on building relationships and communities within previously  unchartered territory.  How do ensure corporate coworkers remain connected to their teams and part of their corporate communities while also feeling integrated and benefiting from the coworking communities they visit.

This project is just kicking off and I am excited to be an integral part of the change focusing on building communities as separate entities and as part of a connected ecosystem.  Let’s see where the ride takes us!