Cross-Industry Innovation

7496802920_e7304a85c2_bCommunity: Innovation Industry Professionals

The goal of this project was to bring a small group of innovation professionals from a diverse set of companies to share their innovation stories and provide insight into what each company is doing including their successes and their struggles. With the desire to create a community that would continue to grow and benefit from each other’s experiences.

Throughout the one-day workshop, participants were quickly made to feel comfortable sharing knowledge and became highly engaged in conversation, eagerly deep diving into the content. It quickly became clear that most were struggling with similar challenges and the second half of the day was dedicated to using the combined cross-industry insight to ideate from a cross-industry perspective each of the questions. Participants then had the chance to digest the wealth of information, what it means for their individual situations and what they would take back with them to their day-to-day work.

This was just the start of building this cross-industry innovation community and efforts are underway to continue building upon the outcomes of the workshop and ensure that this effort is one of community and not simply a one-off workshop. Only time will tell!