Below you will find an overview of the various projects I helped create over the years. They showcase how the tools and techniques used work for all types of audiences around any content you can throw at me. All of these programs have been fully integrated into their overall communities they were developed for and are still being run to this day. Their success is a result of the focus on human 2 human interactions, their perceptions and behaviors and providing the tools to empower every participant to be active members of their communities.  No matter how you define community.


Community: Entrepreneurs & Ambassadors of change website I believe that we all have an Entrepreneurial spirit inside of us.  The question is how do we recognise & mobilise it? Amplilabs is an initiative from the Aarauer Coworking Genossenschaft,  whose main purpose is to amplify people, ideas and businesses with a focus on people & purpose.  […]


Community: Corporate Coworking Professionals The world of work is changing fast. This change is being fuelled by a growing number of professionals looking for a break from the traditional working paradigms. VillageOffice is dedicated to growing the Swiss network of cowering spaces and opening up that network to corporations and bridging communities. I joined this project […]

Coworking Aarau

Community: Coworking Professionals We are a group of like-minded professionals who live in Aarau and looking for a work place where we can call home… close to home. We are working towards opening up a permanent coworking space in the heart of our beloved town of Aarau.  Our focus is on building a community and offering […]

Cross-Industry Innovation

Community: Innovation Industry Professionals The goal of this project was to bring a small group of innovation professionals from a diverse set of companies to share their innovation stories and provide insight into what each company is doing including their successes and their struggles. With the desire to create a community that would continue to grow […]

Fostering Innovation

Community: Employees As a representative of the Innovation team, I work closely with Human Resources to foster a spirit of Innovation acros s the company. Culture change is not easy and does not happen overnight. However, with the right tools and set-up, it can happen. Through a mixture of experienced based learning, follow-through, networking and […]

NASA Family Science Night

Community: Families Website I developed this program together with two close friends of mine who were both fascinated with changing the perceptions and behaviors of families. It was designed to change the way students and their families participate in science both within the program and beyond. The program provides a non-threatening venue for families to […]

Undergraduate Reception

Community: Undergraduate Students, Scientists At the many professional organizational meetings I attended, it quickly became clear to a group of us, that there was a huge gap between students and scientists.  Students were intimidated in these meeting situations and were not able to take full advantage of what there was to offer. As part of […]

The Sunday Experiment

Community: Families Website I developed this program together with the NASA Goddard Visitor Center. Our goal was to create a structured program for families with young kids that would attract more visitors to the museum. Activities were fun, short, easy to do experiments that allowed families to learn through play on a variety of themes. […]

Exploration Station

Community: Families, Scientists Website I developed this program with a close friend of mine who is now dedicated to enabling STEM education across the globe and the American Geophysical Union.  We wanted to somehow share the wealth of experiences of the thousands of scientists traveling to the conference with the local communities. Exploration Station provided a […]